From Wednesday, March 1:


What is el Jardín del Eden?

Jardín del Edén is a place of magic where you can make your wildest dreams come true.
A chance to have a very special experience with your partner.
A place to have a drink and have fun.
Its a liberal swingers club.

The setting, the music… the candles… everything is made for people who know what class is.
A chance to have relationships away from home.
We need to get out of the bedroom… because we ge bored of always the same places and ways.
We offer something different here…
Everyone is free to do as they will… No one is forced to join o swing their partners.
You dont have to go around naked, but you must understand that this is a swingers club.
You will need to keep an open mind…
Nevertheless, there are rules and must be followed…
Manners and discretion are mandatory.